In many ways commercial spaces have a higher demand in terms of cleanliness than residential spaces. There are a couple of reasons why we might say this: commercial spaces obviously try and make a professional first impression to visitors to s space, there is important legislation in regards to health and safety and cleaner, tidier environments are more conducive to productivity and employee efficiency.

If you own a business or manage a professional space such as an office then you need to think carefully about the various ways you can ensure the cleanliness of a space. There are plenty of things you can do. Here are 7 ways to keep an office space clean and tidy:

Ensure that you have a recycling system in place. One of the worst culprits for making a professional environment look untidy is waste paper lying around. Paper obviously can be recycled very easily and so it’s certainly a great idea to have recycling bins throughout your office. Obviously, this will also help the environment.

In order to ensure your office space is thoroughly cleaned then you’ll probably outsource to professional commercial cleaning companies. Don’t just pick the first office cleaning companies you see, think carefully about their experience and what they can offer. Do they have experience with offices like your own?

The best of these companies will be able to tackle pretty much any situation, however you can make it easy for them to clean, and for cleaning generally, by ensuring furniture is placed in a sensible way. The more organised your office furniture the more tidy and organised your office space will look as a whole, and the easier it will be to clean carpets etc.

Make sure you have sensible office policies. For example you should ban eating at workstations as food waste can become a  real problem. If it’s impractical to do this, at least ban particularly messy foods or food such as chewing gum, which can be a nightmare for cleaners.

Ensure that there are enough bins all through your office. As we’ve mentioned previously some of these bins should be for recyclable waste. If you don’t have enough bins, a very simple thing to supply, then your office space will become messy whether you like it or not.

Providing access to storage is another important methodology. Ensure there are enough filing cabinets, draw space etc and importantly provide adequate personal storage for employees, such as lockers where they can store personal items.

Finally, you might consider reducing your reliance on paper documents and moving things over to digital. You might begin to create a digital archive rather than a paper archive which could potentially get out of hand. Everything is going digital these days and so you might want to embrace the cutting edge with more cleaner, digital systems.

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