Tiles look wonderful in the home, and for many thousands of years they’ve been used to lavishly decorate interiors. If you ever get the chance to visit the ancient ruins of Pompeii you’ll still see, very well preserved, lots of mosaics and decorative tiling. The point is that use of tiles is almost as old as interior design itself, and using tiles in modern homes is a great idea.

Sticking with the Romans, and one of the kinds of tiles they used was Travertine tiles. The advantage with Travertine is that it is extremely durable, and so can be used very effectively in areas of high footfall and is very popular for use in garden spaces. It can also be used effectively indoors, and you might use it in a kitchen or bathroom.

In fact, it is kitchen and bathroom areas where you are most likely to find tiles in the home. There are a few reasons for this, notably they can are very easy to clean and so are a hygienic choice. They also don’t mind water, as long as they’re sealed, and so  are very functional as well as decorative.

If you’re looking for a very aesthetic kinds of tile you might consider using marble tiles. Marble is unbeatable for its decedent, luscious aesthetic and whilst not the cheapest option you certainly get what you pay for in terms of natural, stunning beauty.

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