WordPress is a widely used website creation tool. A WordPress development company in India owes a major part of its success to the popularity of WordPress. They ascribe simplicity of the tool for its pervasive influence in the field of website development. There are different ways to optimize the performance of WordPress. As the most popularly used CMS platform, questions often arise regarding the same. Here are some answers.


Cache, a common word in the computer parlance, stands for a component of software or hardware, used for storing data, explicitly for the sake of processing the future requests faster. Caching vastly improves the performance of a website as it gives a better customer experience resulting in its repeated use. The different ways of caching includes page caching, fragment caching, object cache and browser caching. While page caching hastens the loading of the web page, fragment caching makes it possible for pages that rely on cookies and adopts a dynamic design to do the same. Browser caching, done via caching plugins works by storing static files in the browsers’ cache of the users.

WordPress Hosting

A good WordPress hosting is reflected in the performance of the page. Choosing a good host is an exercise of careful balance. You have to weigh in on a number of factors like price and functionality. There are many WordPress Hosting services that come cheap. But this relies on shared hosting and you have to make do with a server that serves probably a thousand other customers. This will cause your page to load terribly slowly or even crash as the traffic gets higher. Moreover, Google considers site speed as a factor to tank pages. So, if you are serious about your website, you might want to ponder over all the pros and cons and reach the best possible price-speed trade-off.

Database Cleanup

Wp-options houses a lot of unnecessary data that serves no purpose except to consume a lot of space. In other words, your server might as well have exhausted itself of all the space without reflecting any of that on the page. wp-cli or different WordPress plugins can be used to delete expired transient (a type of cache).  Wp-sweep or wp-optimise are some other tools that perform the same function. The optimised database which will result after the whole cleanup process will be visibly better compared to its former version.

Content Delivery Network

This is one way to equitably distribute the services of your website by making the loading time the same for people accessing the site from any part of the world. The difference in speed is experienced due to the peculiar location of the web hosting server and can be neutralized by using a content delivery network.

Besides this, a WordPress development company in India has to follow a number of tips for optimising the performance of a page. WordPress is the haven for amateurs for it is awfully simple to set up and do not require those handling it to be a technical pundit. As long as you know the simple facts of WordPress and learn all the tricks of the trade, the journey forward will be a walk in the park.

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