We all know that online shopping brings convenience, choice and better prices to our ever-busy day-to-day routines.

But it has its own issues and quirks.

For example, when buying shoes or clothes online, one always worries whether or not the damn thing will fit me for size and what to do when it does not.

Issues for online grocery shopping, however, are different.

Especially when one is shopping Indian groceries online in Australia, where even retail shopping experience is not all that pleasant and efficient.

You start remembering the pains of finding that elusive parking, long queues at check-outs and never finding the brand/product that you were looking for in the shelves.

Here you are then, now fully convinced that you will grocery-shop online.

So that you save yourselves from some of the traps of online Indian grocery shopping in Australia, we have created a checklist below:

Shipping / Delivery:

Shipping is by far the single biggest issue for online shoppers of Indian groceries in Australia in terms of price, on time delivery and delivery assurance. Tips below will help you address these issues:

  • Transparency of shipping price – many online Indian grocery sellers do not offer transparent shipping prices on their websites.

Always shop from websites that offer transparent shipping prices at check-out page by entering your post-code, so you know exactly how much you will pay for shipping, instead of seller charging an arbitrary price.

Dukan Online, for example, offers such a transparent shipping prices at check out. All you do is to enter your delivery address and post code and the exact delivery charge pops up.

  • Free Shipping Policy – always look for seller’s policy of free shipping for a minimum order size.

Beware of a trap though. Most sellers offer this only within the same city delivery zone and deliveries to other cities are at full price.

Not at Dukan Online though. When you place a >$50 order for delivery within Sydney, shipping if on us. But more importantly when you place a >$50 order for delivery outside of Sydney, we provide a $8.9 discount off standard state-wide shipping. This is our way of rewarding inter-state customers for ordering with us.

Promotions and Discounts:

Always look for special promotions and discounts offered by online sellers. There are two ways these discounts / promotions work.

One – the website reduces the price of a product for limited period and when you move this product to your shopping cart, the reduced price in added in your consolidated invoice. No promotion or coupon code is required at check-out.

Two – the website provides select loyal customers promotion or coupon code in a personal email. Customers can use this code during their next order placement at check-out page to get an X% discount on the entire order, not just on one product.

Dukan Online has been offering both types of promotions to our loyal customer base and we will continue to do the same in future.

Refund Policy

Not all online purchases turn out to be as expected. Some time you find that product delivered is not of a good quality. Not many Desi websites will offer a refund easily. But customer satisfaction is at heart of Dukan Online and we endeavor to refund the money for a product that has not been delivered in good quality.

We hope that the above check list will make your future online grocery shopping experience as seamless as possible.

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