Your pet will have some very specific needs when it comes to nutrition. Not only will they need the best possible pet food to keep them healthy and happy, but they will also need to be fed regularly and at very similar times each day so that you do not mess up their internal clock or indeed affect their health and mood.

However, there are many things that can get in the way of feeding your animal and not only might a busy and unpredictable schedule leave you unable to feed them exactly when you want to, but you may also simply find that your pet isn’t always ready to eat when you think it should be.

One of the easiest ways around such a problem is to leave dry food out all day for your pet. However, whilst this may be a great approach in many cases, some animals may well be very choosy about the food they eat and in turn owners may find that their pet is only really happy when they have wet food.

In such cases, there are two further options available to owners. The first is buying better quality (and in turn more nutritious) dry food, as changing to nutritionally balanced products may well be all it takes to make sure they always eat what you give them. The second is to consider buying one of the new feeding aids on the market that can allow you to get your puppy or cat via your Smartphone and get regular updates about what they have eaten and in turn whether or not it may be time to offer them more.

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