Hot air balloon rides can take passengers on a tour through the skies up to 5000 feet high, depending on the time of year. It can be quite a sight to see areas that are already familiar from a completely different angle. Many people find this the most therapeutic element of balloon rides, the fact that they get to put their lives in some form of context, particularly if they are flying near to home. In fact, given that the balloons are designed to travel wherever the wind is blowing, it is entirely possible that passengers could end up flying near or over their own houses. It is always interesting to see things from a new perspective.

Given that altitude is the only control that a hot air balloon has, the pilot will be relying on up to date information about the weather, particularly the wind. In terms of landing, the pilot must first find a safe place to land, which will most likely be a field. The operator will then prepare a team to pick up the passengers at the landing location and take them back to the takeoff site where their cars and other belongings are.

The landing is something that some people are concerned about, but it is safe in the hands of an experienced pilot. The seating is entirely safe and passengers are strapped in.

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