It is better not to think how an ice hotel works. The fact is, it does and it has such a poetic and enchanting look that it will remain with many tourists for the rest of their lives. It is difficult to imagine people staying warm in a place that is entirely made of ice, but they can and the ice will not melt. A scheduled flight from Heath-row to Stockholm will take tourists to the roundabout location of the Ice Hotel Sweden, with the final transfer perhaps being made by a Husky sledge. Typically, the hotels want the best North Pole holiday possible and tourists will be given a sample of each environment within, which often includes being accommodated in ‘warm’ accommodation followed by a night in a complete ice suite. Preparing for such low temperatures is a requirement for all who travel, but the hotel should provide specialist Arctic clothing rental which will keep the heat in.

Of course, the hotel is not the only form of entertainment since it should also include a trip to see the aurora while also making time for such activities as ice sculpting and reindeer sledging. The entire concept of a holiday like this is like something from a fairy tale, particularly for younger ones who may well find themselves asking where Santa Claus lives. Ice hotels are able to provide full board through a purpose built restaurant. When trekking food may also be supplied through some of the cabins in the wilderness dotted around the crystal white landscapes.

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