When you bring a new kitten home you want to give her the best possible start in life, and to keep her happy and healthy there are several areas you’ll need to consider:

FEEDING: Proper nutrition is essential for growing kittens, so make sure you’re choosing a complete kitten food that has everything needed to keep her strong and healthy. You’ll need a feeding schedule based on the “little and often” concept—a kitten that’s between 8-12 weeks will need four meals a day, from 3-6 months three meals then two meals a day when they reach 6 months.

TOILET TRAINING: Toilet training should be relatively easy—cats are very fussy about their toilet habits so your kitten will probably have already learnt to use a litter tray when she was with her mother, so all you’ll have to do is provide a suitable tray accordingly.

GENERAL CARE AND COMPANIONSHIP: Your new kitten will need a great deal of human interaction (a perfect opportunity for play time) so make sure to shower her with love and attention, and on a basic level you’ll need to think about providing suitable toys as well as a bed, collar and grooming equipment.

HEALTH: Ideally you’ll want to invest in pet insurance to cover any veterinary treatment, and aside from that make sure to stay up to date with vaccinations, worming schedules and de-fleaing. And, unless your kitten is to be used for breeding, you’ll want to get her neutered too.

These are just a few basic considerations you’ll need to bear in mind, so make sure to remember them and you can give your kitten the start in life she deserves.

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