Helicopter pilot training opens up new opportunities. No matter whether someone wants to learn how be a helicopter pilot for leisure or commercial reasons, getting qualified is a hugely challenging and rewarding process. For some people flying is pure relaxation. A way to get away from life’s pressures and relax for a few hours in a very different environment. For others it’s an exciting job, ferrying passengers to all kinds of different locations and destinations.

The place to start is by booking a series of helicopter lessons. Experienced instructors can help novice pilots get to grips with the controls of these complex machines. In flying terms it’s a whole different challenge. Helicopters are used in very different ways to planes and have very different capabilities. It takes real skill and control to master flying a helicopter.

For some people the goal is simply to enjoy a new challenge and do something different at the weekend. Others want a career. There’s demand for skilled pilots all over the world. It’s a very portable skill. Once rigorous helicopter pilot training has been completed it’s time to look for work. Companies offer helicopter flights to all kinds of different customers. Helicopters transfer crew to oil rigs for example, or offer pleasure flights in scenic locations.

It’s also a great way to travel for wealthy private individuals. Helicopters can land almost anywhere and there’s no better way to beat the traffic. They can cover huge distances in a short space of time. Get qualified and take to the skies for a new found sense of freedom and convenience.

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