As a business you need to keep an eye on outgoings to maximize your profit margin from every angle, and these days a huge amount of your budget will often be spent on fuel and insurance. Costs only ever seem to be on the rise and that means you could be finding it difficult to stay afloat, but there is one thing you can do to keep prices down—make sure your workers have appropriate driver transport training.

It may not initially seem like you could achieve much of a cost benefit from training alone, but it’s time to think again. Research indicates that drivers who’ve been trained how to operate their vehicles more efficiently are able to achieve as much as 5-10% better fuel economy, and that can quickly add up to a substantial saving. It could even be a way to keep insurance costs down as those with additional qualifications will be thought of as safer drivers and therefore less of an insurance risk, and in a fleet full of trucks you could easily save thousands in the long run.

As many as 84% of companies are now using driver training courses as a way to tackle the problem of fuel consumption, so why not be one of them? It can be a great way to keep costs down and by concentrating on fuel efficiency you could notice a marked difference to your profit margin, so make sure to invest in suitable training and you could soon see the results.

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