Look online for balloon flights and you’ll see a wide range of balloon rides providers and brokers. As a consumer, you might be a little daunted by the sheer amount of choice on offer. Obviously you want the best, most cost effective and safest experience of all. But how do you choose between all these results?Firstly, there is a difference between a broker and a provider. A broker usually operates on behalf of several companies to generate customers, whereas a provider is the actual balloon company offering the flights. By going straight to the provider you are essentially cutting out the middle man and you get a better overview of what’s on offer.

There are some big names in the ballooning world and so going to one of these larger companies has its benefits. Obviously location is a key factor and you probably don’t want to travel too far from your home. Luckily, larger providers have locations all around the UK.

When you go straight to a provider’s website hopefully you’ll be able to see a detailed itinerary of what’s on offer.  This can give you some insight of what to expect on the day, however nothing will prepare for the magic of flying high in a beautiful balloon.

Finally, some providers will offer you special gift packages etc, if you’re looking for a very special gift that is truly memorable.

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