For anyone who isn’t lactose intolerant, it would come as a surprise just how much dairy is in even healthy foods. For those who do suffer from this intolerance, though, the prevalence of dairy can make life incredibly hard. There are, however, ways you can make this change of diet a lot easier. With this in mind, here are some tips:

Find the Right Milk

Dairy has plays a huge part in the western diet, and jumping off this particular wagon can be difficult. The first thing to go is usually milk. Unfortunately, it’s also the main source of dairy in many diets.

Dairy free milk options are now fairly well known. It takes time to adjust to new flavors, however, and flavor can vary vastly between brands. If you’ve never had anything but cow’s milk, the options can seem a bit unappetizing at first. It’s a good idea to commit to a two-week trial to get over the adjustment period. Once a good option is found, you’ll be surprised at how much more accessible a dairy free diet can seem.

Learn How To Read Ingredient Lists

The most frustrating thing about lactose intolerance can be the extreme prevalence of dairy. Milk and its derivatives can be found in just about anything, from peanut butter to crisps. The key to a happy lactose-free life is learning how to read ingredient lists.

Ingredient lists are the friends of anyone on a special diet, but what if there seems to be dairy in everything? What’s important is the level of dairy is in each item, and this can be indicated by dairy’s position in the list. A list that notes butter as its forty-fifth ingredient, for example, is indicating that butter is a small contribution. For anyone but the most extremely intolerant, the small amounts of lactose in such a product may not present a problem. Experimentation will show whether the food can become a regular item on your shopping list.

It’s important to note that simply removing lactose from your diet can cause complications. Dairy foods do provide vitamins and nutrients that everybody needs, and if they’re suddenly removed, it can cause problems. If you’re unsure of how to cope with your lactose intolerance, whatever the level, you should consult with a doctor when experimenting with a new diet.

Weigh up The Pros and Cons of Diet Gambling

Lactose intolerance can make life very uncomfortable for sufferers, but for some people, the level of intolerance means that not all dairy has to go. For some former devoted cheese lovers or dairy fiends, a little dairy every now and then can make life a little easier.

The levels of lactose are the important things to consider here. A small amount of hard cheese, such as cheddar, or yoghurt can keep the dairy cravings at bay. A small drop of milk in a coffee can also get under the dairy radar. Anyone considering a gamble is best advised to take things slowly. It’s much better to venture a small amount than to binge at previous levels.

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