A survey of 1,000 employees has revealed that almost a third will continue working over the Christmas period, with many using workforce management software to log on to work projects and answer emails from home.

The research, conducted by an electronic signature firm, proved the value that employees, particularly those in the 25 to 39-year old bracket, place on software that allows them to remotely access their work.

HR solutions For The Festive Generation Y Worker:

The Organisation of Time Act 1997 means most employees are entitled to paid leave for public holidays such as Christmas and Boxing Day. In practice, many offices and workplaces close over the entire Christmas period, with staff asked to reserve their leave entitlement for the days not covered by public holidays.

While around 44% of those questioned in the survey said they would be taking off the days between Christmas and the New Year, it seems that, for many, work rules over friends and family. The most focused were those in the so-called Generation Y group, 36 per cent of who said their booked time off would be spent catching up with work.

Technology Driving A Growing Trend

More workers than ever will be telecommuting to the office this winter. HR solutions such as human resource software mean staff can remotely access documents, emails and work servers while still spending quality time with their loved ones.HR software means the company can keep working, even when the office is closed.