Not all translations are created equal. Depending how you generate translations the quality will differ, one translation might be more technically accurate whereas another might have a better tone, be more culturally appropriate.There is an obvious problem when choosing a business translation service and as you probably won’t be fluent in the target language, how do you know you’re getting the best translation?

Firstly, you should avoid automatic machine translations. Whilst this technology is impressive they do not deliver high quality translations that capture the sense of a text, and they often have technical inaccuracies. Whilst the technology behind these services is very impressive it is still no match for human-led translation.

There are plenty of good translators online, such as London Translations. When you’re choosing, one simple way to find the best translators is to look for native speakers. However, there are other factors that you need to consider too, for instance some companies specialise in business translations, which obviously require a particular tone and technical language.

Ideally, your chosen translation company will have many years of experience and hopefully you should be able to track down reviews or references. The human touch is also important, and it’s a must to actually talk to the translation company before you commit to anything. This is a great way to ascertain their experience etc.

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