When it comes to investing in stylish home accessories that are playful and deceptively comfortable, bean bags are often unfairly overlooked. Oversized bean bags are great as a comfortable makeshift chair that literally reshapes itself around the sitter.

If stood up they will provide a solid seat, or if they are laid horizontally, a person can lay on them and achieve a similar level of comfort. The great thing about them is that they come in a myriad of different designs, colors and even shapes, including square, triangular or rectangular. They can be fun for guests, adults or children sit and play on and they can easily be moved around the home between bedrooms, guest rooms and living rooms.

Similarly, cushions are another option that can be creative and give something different. Designer home accessories like this come in larger options of 60 cm by 30 cm which can provide an exceptionally comfortable rest on a settee or armchair. Those made out of 100% Lambswool will be exceptionally soft and warm while also coming in a large variety of colors and designs.

Throws are also great to add a little dash of color to a room that needs it. These options are all about design, while also offering warmth and comfort. Cashmere varieties are the most luxurious and should be provided in the finest yarns available. Tasteful designs will help to integrate the throw into many different rooms offering a counterpoint to the rest of the design aesthetic.

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