Traditional rainwater guttering must be adaptable, offering the same traditional look that really completes a building while also using modern technologies to offer better performance and longer life expectancy. Modern aluminium casting is the best way to get a traditional look for the gutter while also cutting down on the weight typically associated with real cast iron options. The better companies producing these gutters may also offer a particular surfacing option which can have a more authentic cast iron look, allowing buyers to have the best of both worlds. Having a range of colors to choose from can further increase the aesthetic options at the client’s disposal.

When it comes to performance however, the design should never limit capability. Those offerings which are manufactured to the guidelines set out by BS 2997:1958 will typically attain superior levels of quality and reliability than those that don’t. On top of this, having British Board of Agreement approval adds further credibility to the solution since it is recognized by many different institutions across the UK.

It can be very difficult to replace real cast iron gutter systems, but ultimately, with these assurances in place the buyer will not only yield a significant performance increase but also less maintenance and a look that rationalizes with the building’s style. The installation can also be very swift since the aluminium replacements are lightweight and easier to handle than old cast iron. Such options typically come with wet sealed and bolted joints and a wide range of fixings.

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