Anyone, no matter how artistic they are, can create fantastic mosaics with ease. Of all the arty crafts which to choose from, craft mosaic tiles is one of the best for those who do not have much of an artistic predisposition because the form is very flexible, allowing those participating to create unique mosaics which can be as abstract as they like.


Mosaics are created using craft mosaic tiles which are embedded on to a base using an adhesive. The tiles are arranged in such a way that they from either a pattern or a picture which is pleasing to the eye, and can then be hung up and displayed in the preferred spot of the creator.Mosaic craft tiles are, of course essential. They can be bought from any good craft store and come in a range of styles and sizes. Crafters simply choose the tiles which are most suitable for their project.

Mosaic tiles in the UK come in many styles, from glittery tiles to traditional ceramic ones and everything in between, so it is easy to create a range of mosaics to suit.

What is Needed?

In order to create fantastic mosaics, there are a few things that any aspiring mosaic maker will need:


The ideal base for making a mosaic is something which is hard and flat. A trivet is ideal but something as simple as card can be used to create a basic mosaic.


A strong glue is needed to stick the tiles to the base. It is also useful to have a spatula to spread the adhesive and a cloth to remove excess.

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