Proper nutrition is vital no matter what stage in life your cat’s in, but when she reaches a certain age you need to pay even more attention to her nutritional requirements than normal. The needs of your pet will change as she gets older, and making sure you’re able to provide suitable nutrition means you can be confident you’re keeping her as healthy as possible during her senior years.

As a general rule, senior pet food will contain high-quality protein complete with additional vitamins and minerals, with vitamin E often being at higher levels to strengthen the immune system. It’ll often contain fewer calories as well to ensure optimum weight is maintained, particularly as activity levels could drop as your pet gets older, and in many cases a mix of wet and dry food is the preferred way to go.

Luckily there’s a huge range of pet food out there specifically designed for older pets, but you might find you need something that’s even more specific in its nutritional makeup. If your pet has a particular health condition you’ll want to tailor her food accordingly, and that means working closely with your veterinarian to ensure you get food that offers the correct balance.

It’s all about finding pet food that can accommodate the changing requirements of the older pet, and if you choose wisely you can be confident you’re providing the right kind of nutrition to keep your pet happy, healthy and full of vitality for the years to come.

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