When it comes to pet care, diet and nutrition are some of the most important elements. If you’re getting a new rabbit and are worried about what to feed him, here’s some advice. According to vets, the best diet for rabbits includes a handful of fresh greens every morning and evening (varied each day), plus a tablespoon of commercial animal feed designed for rabbits (such as nuggets) once a day. You should also provide at least their own body size in hay every day (that is not part of their bedding).

Things to avoid include rabbit muesli because studies show it can cause painful dental disease. Signs of dental problems include drooling, weight loss, discharge from the eye, going off their food and having a dirty bottom. Also make sure you steer clear of sugary treats, including too much fruit. If you do want to give your rabbit fruit, make sure it is in small quantities and not every day. The best fruits are apples, pears, strawberries, grapes, and plums.

Water is, of course, just as important as rabbit food and you must make sure to supply plenty of fresh water every day for your bunny – usually 50 to 150ml per kilogram of body weight. The best way of providing water is through a water bottle with a metal spout, but if your rabbit has already become used to drinking from a bowl carry on this way. If you’re not sure, try a bottle and observe whether your bunny is actually using it to drink.

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