It is absolutely paramount that commercial spaces are kept clean, hygienic and tidy. Not only could an unclean or is organized commercial space violate legislation, including health and safety legislation,  but it will also have a negative impact on productivity.The worse a space looks the lesser employee morale and productivity, it’s a simple formula.

The solution is not only to implement sensible strategies in your workplace, such as better organization methods and recycling systems, but also to outsource to commercial cleaners. Commercial cleaners will obviously have all of the experience and expertise to help you clean your commercial spaces to a very high standard.

Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaners will be able to tackle the often difficult task of cleaning windows. There are several factors that can make this a difficult job. For example, when we’re talking about glass fronted tall buildings there are issues of safety and ease of access. Professional cleaners will obviously be very well equipped to tackle these problems.

After Builders Cleaning

There is nothing quite as disruptive to a space than having the builders in. Obviously you’ll want to get your business up and running again as soon as possible. Some commercial cleaners will offer a post builders service, i.e. they will come in and clean up any mess that’s been left behind after a building project.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are traditionally one of the most difficult surfaces to clean. Carpet does have its benefits, it looks very attractive and is comfortable under-foot, however it can collect dirt and become unsightly. Commercial cleaners will have specialist equipment that enables them to clean carpets to a very high standard.

Removal of Graffiti

Graffiti can be a serious problem especially for certain kinds of businesses. You might not realize it but the owner of the wall is accountable for the cost of cleaning a vandalized surface.  Cleaning graffiti is obviously very challenging and basically impossible for non-professionals. Thankfully professionals now have all the methods and tools for cleaning vandalized surfaces.

Jet Cleaning

Jet washing is a very quick and effective way to clean all kinds of surfaces. It is ideal for cleaning of anything from bus shelters to bridges and walkways. Commercial cleaners now use jet washers as a very effective piece of kit, and understandably so as they can remove all sorts of stains etc.

What is Pat Testing?

It’s not necessarily cleaning but it’s certainly an important thing for your business to do, the testing of appliances literally: “portable appliance testing.” It’s all about ensuring appliances are safe and suitable to be used in a workplace environment. Many commercial cleaners will also offer this service.

So by looking online you’ll be able to find companies who will be able to help your business in all sorts of different ways, not only with things like window cleaning but also extra services like PAT testing.

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