There are few materials we use in the home that have such a long and prestigious heritage as wood. Wood is a very special material not only because of its long history but also because it stems from nature. In the face of such abject modernity which we experience today, wood takes the edge off and as such is one of the most effective materials when used in the home.

One of the most popular ways to use wood in the home is for wooden floors. Solid wood flooring is advantageous for lots of reasons:

The aesthetic quality of wood is very, very special. When used as flooring, wood, rather than overpowering a space, elevates the room and gives it a lightness and sense of nature that looks and feels great.

Wood was originally used because of its practical benefits. These days, the practical advantages of using wood still stand. Wood can be treated so that it’s very durable and has an inherent durability that is perhaps a little surprising for such a natural product.

Some people might assume that using wood in the home, whether it’s for woodburning stoves or for beautiful wooden floors, comes at a cost to the environment. Actually, the opposite is true and because wood is a sustainable material it has minimal impact on the environment; trees can always be replaced as they’re used.

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