Hot air balloon flights are the things that dreams are made of. They are very popular in the UK, and there are balloon rides available all over the country, England, Scotland and Wales.

Most balloon flights happen between March and October, and only if the weather is suitable. However, when you do fly you’re promised an experience filled with the spirit of romance and adventure, truly magical.

Many people who ride in balloon are completely new to the experience. With this in mind, here are three things to expect: The balloons are typically very large and this can be extremely impressive if you’ve never seen a balloon before. Balloons from the major operators are more than 100 foot tall, and this is about 4 storeys high.

The image of balloon riding you might have in your mind is of one or two people in a small basket. In fact, modern balloons have larger baskets which can hold more than 10 people. However, these baskets are usually split into smaller compartments and so you can still have your own private, romantic space.

Ballooning is very serene and peaceful and suitable for most people. However, it is not advisable if you have certain medical conditions or if you’re pregnant. A common misconception is that balloons fly to specific destinations, however they really are at the whim of where the wind takes them, and this is all part of the magic and adventure of ballooning.

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