There’s something undeniably romantic about hot air balloons. They seem to come from some parallel universe where flight is a gentle, peaceful affair.

There’s a reason why they fly through some of the most imaginative works of the imagination, such as the Wizard of Oz, because they’re truly magical, a great gift and a one off experience.

Sorry to bring you down to Earth, but there are a few practical things to think about before you book that once in a lifetime balloon flight:

Due to the changes in weather and the seasonality of the UK climate hot air balloon rides only take place at certain times of the year, usually between March and November. Fortunately this happens to be when most people want to fly. Of course you can give the gift of a hot air balloon flight at any time in the year.

Flying in a hot air balloon is done for leisure purposes and not necessarily getting from A to B. Not everyone realizes this but you can’t really plan where the wind is going to take you, and so you should bear this in mind before you book your flight or give it as a gift. However, the actual experience of being in a hot air balloon really is second to none.

The larger operators have locations all around the UK and so you’re bound to find somewhere nearby where you can enjoy this most special of experiences.

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