Whilst a sofa can be a comfortable piece of furniture to sit down on to chat or watch TV, the majority of sofas are not particularly versatile. Not only are they likely to need to be put in a very specific place due to the size and shape of a room, but they are also rarely going to be able to be moved about to make the room more spacious for certain occasions.

Therefore, it may be that sofas are not actually the best solution for the majority of people in this day and age. Instead, many people may actually find they benefit far more from using beanbags.

It may sound preposterous that such items could replace a sofa, and many people still associate them only with children yet, today, such furnishings can be more than just something for kids to relax in. Many bean bags are far more comfortable than sofas and can be used in many more ways, not only ensuring that you can move your room around as much as you want or banish them to another room if you want to create extra space for a specific occasion, but also that individuals can sit wherever they like rather than being confined to just one space.

Furthermore, for those who have multiple living spaces, two or three of them could be all that is needed, as each can be moved from room to room as need dictates, and not only will this allow you to have all the seating you need in any room at any time, but also that you will be able to furnish your home for far less, and be more comfortable and flexible in the process.

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