For those with numerous smaller rooms in the house, it may seem sensible to knock walls through to make better use of space. However, smaller rooms can be far more comfortable and will retain heat far better, meaning they will be far easier to keep costly.Instead of looking to turn smaller rooms into larger ones, it may be best to look at how to create extra space in your home instead, and from opting for more effective storage to swapping armchairs for a bean bag chair, there will be many ways to do just that.

Many people have numerous sofas in their home, feeling that they need sofa beds should guests come to stay. However, by purchasing an air bed that can be stored easily in a cupboard and using a bean bag instead of a sofa for people to sit on, you can easily create a great deal more space and have the flexibility to use those bean chairs in as many rooms as you want.

Since such items are extremely comfortable, extremely versatile and very easy to move (or even just store out of the way), you will easily be able to create as much space as you need, when you need to, and still ensure that everyone has somewhere to sit too.

When it comes to storage, consider buying bespoke storage units so you make a great deal more use of your wall and floor space, or just to make sure that awkward recessed spaces can be filled rather than going to waste.

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