At this time of the year, many people start to feel the winter blues. The festive season has come to an end and the long winter has not yet run its course.One way in which individuals often cheer themselves up is by booking trips abroad. The thought of jetting off to sunnier climes can really lift people’s spirits.

These days, the options when it comes to vacations are many and varied and to help make their lives easier, some consumers opt to take advantage of Leeds Airport parking. Driving to the hub and then leaving their cars in allocating space can make their journeys easier in both directions.

By booking Leeds Bradford Airport parking, people can avoid relying on public transport and they can ensure they have independent means of getting to and from the hub.Highlighting the stresses facing Britons, Anglian Home Improvements recently released the findings of a survey showing that 28 per cent of consumers are feeling less happy now than before the clocks went back.

It also revealed that 23 per cent of respondents were more depressed, while one in three were finding it tougher to get motivated. Commenting on the findings, TV medical expert Dr Rob Hicks said: “These survey results come as no surprise to me because it is well recognised that most people feel down from time to time during winter.”Depending on how urgently they need to be cheered up, individuals may choose to take holidays abroad now or book them for later on this year.

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