Many people now use Leeds Airport car parking on an annual basis and there is no sign that 2013 will be any different. Many of those who leave their vehicles at the hub do so to take holidays abroad and this year, consumers are particularly eager to make the most of vacations.

According to research conducted by Marco Polo Travel Publishing, 92 per cent of UK adults plan to take at least one holiday in 2013. When these people are on the lookout for Leeds Bradford parking and other such services, they may be especially keen to source competitive deals. After all, the survey found that individuals are increasingly budget aware, with nearly 40 per cent suggesting their spending limits are the deciding factor when it comes to their choice of destination.

To help ensure they have extra spending power while on holiday, consumers may be forgoing other purchases. The poll revealed that more than 70 per cent of Britons prioritise breaks over new TVs, gadgets and eating out.

When it comes to destinations, sun and beach vacations were the most popular, with 35 per cent of respondents identifying these as their ideal trips.

Managing director of Marco Polo Ian MacDonald said: “This survey is encouraging news for the travel industry this year and shows that the majority of people still consider an annual holiday to be a priority.”

He went on to state: “However, value for money is a key consideration. Consumers are becoming increasingly budget conscious and prepared to shop around.”

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