Christmas can be an awkward time of the year, as figuring out what to buy everyone can be a real pain. However, someone with a cricketer in the family should have no problems in finding a gift for them. Cricket is a far tougher game than it used to be and the equipment and kit cricketers use soon wears out. Therefore, most cricketers are in almost constant need of new kit and equipment.

However, simply going out and buying any cricket related gift is not a good approach. Every player is different and whilst one player may like playing in full pads, including chest and arm pads, another one will prefer to play without them. Therefore, it is possible to end up buying an expensive gift that does not get used.

How To Choose What To Buy?

The first step in avoiding this mistake is to observe what kit the friend or family member already uses. Listening to them talking about the game and their likes and dislikes is a good way of garnering information. Purchases can then be tailored accordingly.

Sports equipment retailers know the game of cricket so will be able to advice about which items make good gifts, and which purchases are best left up to the player. Shopping in a cricket shop that sells a large range is a good approach. They will stock cricket equipment like balls, sunglasses, hats and sweaters, which are all items every cricketer needs and uses. If cricket clothing is purchased, it’s advisable to double check the sizing and the returns policy.

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