Cricket is a sport that is popular throughout the world. It is played at all levels, from a knock-about in the park with a bat and stumps, to the professional game.In the UK, club cricket is also very popular. There are a lot of weekend cricket clubs and pub teams. and there are 8,000 or so official clubs active in the UK at any one time.All of these clubs need a range of cricket equipment and gear, and it needs to be high quality because it sees a lot of use. Buying cheap equipment is a false economy.

Fortunately, buying good quality cricket club supplies has been made a lot easier by the internet. The best cricket suppliers stock everything a club needs to set up. It can all be ordered online and delivered within days.

Pitch and Practice Gear

This includes things like catch nets, batting nets, boundary rope, scoreboards and other basics that are needed to maintain the pitch and provide somewhere to practice.

Most clubs provide balls and most provide at least some bats and basic pads. This helps to get new people involved, because they can play without having to buy a lot of expensive cricket equipment. However, most clubs do not supply padding that is worn next to the body like chest pads and arm pads.

Uniforms and Kit

Those teams who play in leagues often require their players to play in whites. Some clubs supply these too, but most require players to buy their own uniforms and apply iron on club patches to them.

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