In the past, people had to head out to their local shops or retail centers when they needed to stock up on printer ink. Now, they can benefit from complete convenience and order the items they need online from the comfort of their homes or offices. Meanwhile, figures released by Visa Europe suggest a rising number of individuals and companies may be doing precisely this. It suggested that the 3rd of this month would be the busiest online shopping day in history. According to the firm, a total of £320 million will be spent over the web on its cards alone, with transactions topping 6.8 million. This would be a rise of over a fifth compared with the same time last year. Because of the sheer volume of purchases, Visa Europe has dubbed the event Mega Monday.

Commercial director at the organisation Dr Steve Perry said: “On Mega Monday, people across the UK will go online and use their Visa cards to make 6.8 million transactions, the most in a single day in UK history. That’s 21 per cent more than in 2011, signalling that consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to the advantages of shopping online for everyday purchases and special items.”

According to the expert, one of the reasons why people are now more willing to purchase ink toner and other products online stems from the fact they are more confident about the security of using cards in cyberspace. By sourcing goods in this way, consumers can often benefit from better deals and more choice.

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