It is fair to say that British society has changed markedly over the last 50 years. Whilst the Britain of yesteryear was a largely safe and benign country the same cannot be said of the society that exists today. Indeed, antisocial behavior is now a common feature of modern life in the UK, whilst criminal behavior is carried out with a level of violence that few ‘villains’ half a century ago would have even considered.

Quite simply, 21st century Britain can be, and often is, a very dangerous place. Of course, there is one thing that has remained unchanged over the last 50 years – the police’s reluctance to issue beat officers with firearms. Indeed, this resolution to ‘police by consent’ is to be applauded as it shows the world that Britain, even with its many social difficulties, is still a country that puts reason above force when it comes to justice.

Obviously, the practicalities of using unarmed police officers to apprehend criminals who may be carrying guns and knives are obvious and alarming. Fortunately, the modern protective clothing which is now available to the police can give officers great peace of mind as it can provide them with comprehensive protection. Indeed, UK police forces source their body armour solutions from the world’s leading protective clothing suppliers so officers can be sure they will have the best possible protection from any blunt trauma incidents or blade edged threats that may come their way in the line of duty.

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