It is fair to say that British travelers now have far more adventurous tastes than they did 10 or 20 years ago. Indeed many more people are now swapping their ‘sun and sea’ package holidays for destinations which are altogether more exotic and extreme in nature.

The reasons for this change in attitude are varied; however, it is believed that influential television programmes featuring the likes of Bear Grylls and Ray Mears have been a significant factor behind this new found appetite for challenging overseas environments.

And, when it comes to ‘challenging’, there is one environment which stands above all others – the jungle.

Indeed, jungle rich destinations such as Borneo, Indonesia, Belize, India and Brazil have all seen increases in tourist numbers in the last decade, with adventure-hungry Brits making up a significant number of them.

Of course, the jungle can be a hostile environment and most ‘newbies’ typically have one fear wedged deep in their minds when they first arrive – snakes.

Venomous snakes are part and parcel of practically any jungle expedition and being bitten by one will likely bring a thrill-seeking traveller’s adventure (and maybe even their life) to a pretty swift conclusion.

Fortunately, there are now comprehensive snake armour solutions available from protective clothing suppliers which can help to allay any such fears. Indeed, protective clothing such as lightweight gaiters, chaps and trousers can be invaluable as they are able to repel attacks from even the most aggressive venomous snakes.

Peace of mind? You bet!

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