Better Safe Than Sorry

There are many companies who offer high volumes of electrical testing but with no assurances over the quality of work. It only takes one accident for somebody to be injured or even killed, resulting in not only a tragedy but also a potentially very expensive litigation proceeding. Periodic health and safety checks are a requirement by alw, so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

What Fixed Wire Entails

Fixed wire testing ultimately means that all circuits and devices will receive a visual inspection. This also includes control gear and will result in the identification of damaged fittings, exposed live elements, insulation breaks, bad earthing as well as a whole host of other defects. This inspection can take time, so again, it is important to invest in an electrical firm who works to a standard of quality rather than quantity. There is no excuse for shoddy electrical jobs and missed problems should rightly be brought to the attention of the people in charge of ensuring safety.

Reporting And Pricing

An NICEIC report should ideally be produced within 14 days of the initial test. Along with this, each defective part should have been identified clearly with a recommendation for remedial works to commence. This will give the business time to assess the situation and what steps they need to take.  All work reports should be comply with BS7671:2008. The better electricians will be able to give free quotes for the jobs and will be able to start work as soon as possible.

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