The summer was a wash out, the winter has already seen temperatures plunge far lower than we are used to, and we have already started experiencing droughts in the spring. However, whilst it may seem like the weather has just been a little strange of late, it is actually more than likely a sign of things to come.

It is believed that climate change is going to be worse than we initially thought and over the next decade or so, freak storms are going to become less freak and more commonplace. With weather patterns changing year in and year out, it is hard to predict exactly what our normal weather system will be like in a few years time, but it is almost certain that we will need to be prepared for both droughts and deluges in equal measures.

For homeowners, it is therefore best to prepare before it is too late, and it is likely that one simple solution can help individuals beat both the droughts and the downpours.

The right rainwater guttering will be vital for all homes to ensure that excessive rainfall doesn’t cause damage to both the exterior of homes and indeed to the foundations. However, by utilising effective rainwater systems, rainwater can also be stored rather than just drained away, and homeowners are likely to find that they are prepared for periods of drought as a result too.

So whilst weather patterns continue to change, there are simple solutions to overcome the biggest problems such changes are likely to cause for homeowners.

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