Excessive rainfall is becoming more and more common in Britain and the safety and appearance of many homes is starting to suffer as a result. Should rainwater not be drained away effectively, it can very quickly start to soak into the foundations, causing structural damage, or even simply begin to erode facades or cause damage to windows and frames.

Guttering will be the most important part of any drainage system, and not only will you need strong and sturdy pipes that can deal with high winds and any knocks that they may receive from the likes of wayward branches, but you will also need to be sure that they are big enough to deal with excessive rainfall.

Should you live in an area that experiences particularly heavy rain compared to the rest of the country this will also need to be taken into account, and in either scenario pipes should be checked on a regular basis, particularly after any periods of prolonged heavy rainfall.

However, when choosing gutters you will also need to make sure that the option you choose compliments the look of your home. Older homes are likely to look better with cast iron solutions, whilst PVCu will look more suitable on newer homes and will need far less maintenance too.

Rainwater should always be drained away from the property to be sure that the water does not run too close to foundations, and it is not just damage to pipes that needs to be checked, but also blockages. We are seeing increasing rainfall every year and therefore the right solution to deal with increasing rainwater is going to be more important than ever.

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