There are lots of considerations for people to bear in mind before they jet off to start a new life down under. For example, it is imperative that they make sure they have the right expatriate medical insurance. The consequences of neglecting this issue can be disastrous. Of course, it’s also crucial for people to consider exactly where in Australia they want to live. In some cases, their minds will be made up by job opportunities, the location of friends and family or other such issues. However, sometimes individuals have relative freedom when it comes to selecting a destination.

A recent Guardian article may help people who fall into this latter category to make up their minds. The publication asked expats to describe their thoughts about the places they were staying in. One respondent enthused about Melbourne, saying it is “one of the most fun and interesting places” they had ever stayed in. The individual added: “The place is rammed with culture that is all extremely accessible – Chinatown, the Italian food district of Lygon Street, the inner suburbs of Richmond that over a century ago housed destitute Irish immigrants but now mix beautifully converted former working class row houses that are home to the very wealthy.”

Another respondent recommended the less well-known location of Wangaratta, suggesting it is “lovely” and praising its “wine and food, golf, ski fields, beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife”.

Other popular destinations for those seeking expat medical insurance when moving to Australia include Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

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