There are lots of reasons why individuals choose to move to the US. The fact that the country is English speaking is a big draw, and the cultural similarities also prove enticing.Before people make the transition across the Atlantic to set up home like this, it is important they think through all the relevant practical issues. For example, they may well benefit from investing in expat health insurance.

Meanwhile, a recent Guardian article drew attention to a number of other considerations that individuals ought to take into account.

For example, it highlighted the need for immigrants to the nation to gain a visa and it suggested that obtaining approval to work in the US is not easy unless individuals have job offers or are relocating with their work.

When it comes to health, there is no need for people to get special vaccinations before travelling. However, getting suitable international private medical insurance is key.

When it comes to flying to the country, Britons are “spoilt for choice”, with British Airways alone offering 15 direct services a day from London to New York. Also, BA/American Airlines offers one direct flight to San Francisco, while Delta, United Airlines, KLM, Virgin Atlantic and other firms fly to the US from London and some UK airports.

For those who do not yet have accommodation and so need to book a hotel room, prices for a double room in midtown Manhattan cost from around £250 per night. Cheaper rooms starting from £100 a night can be found further out in the Brooklyn and there are budget hostels available too.

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