Food suppliers in Monmouth-shire are looking forward to a new initiative which will see the county branded as ‘the food capital of Wales’.Monmouth-shire has already won the Food Tourism Destination Award at Wales the True Taste Food and Drink Awards, and many of its residents believe that with better marketing of tourism, improved hospitality and catering facilities in the area, more visitors could be attracted. As part of the campaign ‘Made in Monmouth-shire’, which was founded in 2005 to promote local arts and crafts, is involved in the drive to promote locally produced food and drink.

Several different approaches are planned, including social media and online marketing campaigns. The tactics intended to raise the profile of Monmouth-shire by highlighting the high quality food and drink which is produced in the area.

At the forefront of the campaign are individual food manufacturers like Avril Lord, who produces a wide choice of preserves and jams and James Swift, whose company currently makes over 40 different characterful products. Both producers use ingredients produced on their own land or at the surrounding local farms, ensuring that the quality of raw ingredients is clear. Production methods also use minimal preservatives and no artificial flavors or coloring’s.

The Preservation Society in Chepstow, which is helping local producers to promote and market their goods, believes that the Monmouth-shire area has a wealth of local producers who could boost both their own businesses and the profile of the area with more efficient marketing.

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