When choosing light fittings for the home there is usually the choice of light fittings, light shades and bulbs which need to be taken into account. There can however be other things to consider and a range of lighting accessories might also be contemplated and purchased to enhance the lighting of a house.
Light switches for instance, are an important feature for most homes, not only for practical reasons but also for aesthetics. This can include dimmer switches which are used not only to adjust the brightness of the light projected from a fitting but they can also look attractive and add a stylish note to a room. They are usually available in a variety of materials such as brushed steel, Georgian brass and mirror chrome. A range of lighting adjustments can be made with a dimmer switch and they can help create an ambiance or comfortable level of light as desired.

Other home lighting accessories include suspension kits. These fixtures are used to hang a light fitting from a ceiling at an appropriate height and are often adjustable. These suspension kits are available in a range of finishes such as antique brass or French gold which enables them to fit comfortably into most rooms no matter what the decor is like.
A remote control for lighting is the ultimate luxury for modern living. A control box can be programmed to switch on and off or to dim several light fixtures in the home both indoors and outdoors.

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