Although there is usually a lot of consideration put into interior lighting within the home, outdoor lighting solutions are often less well thought out. There are, however, several options to consider when looking to install external lights. Outdoor light fittings are available in several formats and each should be weighed up carefully.

For example, flood lights are an ideal solution for those who wish to add an extra element of security to their home. As the name suggests, these light fittings literally do flood an area with illumination. These lights are often triggered by movement and can be a great deterrent for burglars and trespassers. Other types of outdoor lights include garden wall lights and lanterns. These are often quite decorative and are used to enhance the appearance of a garden or outdoor area. They also serve the purpose of lighting an outdoor space which is useful when having evening meals outside or again, for additional security.

Drive-over or walk-over lights are those which are generally embedded into the ground. These are sunk flush into the floor and beam lights in an upward projection. These types of lights are ideal for lighting a driveway or path allowing easier access to a garage or house entrance. Solar powered lights take their energy from the sun and are excellent resources for the environmentally conscious. These sorts of lanterns are available in a range of designs and can take the shape of Buddha’s angels and ladybirds. Outdoor lights are generally very durable and weather proof.

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