Identity theft costs the global economy billions of pounds a year, and the UK is a thriving market for the crime. With profits going to organised crime and lives being devastated  it is important to tackle the issue wherever possible.

There are many steps companies can take to help prevent the details of their employees and customers falling into the hands of criminals. Essentially, being responsible and respectful of the information held is the basis of all steps.

A notable precaution to take in this regard is to shred all confidential and sensitive documents.

Professional and certified document shredding effectively destroys all information. However, simply shredding the paper is not enough, it also needs to be adequately and properly disposed of.

All too often in the past, many companies the length and breadth of the UK have been caught out by leaving shredded waste in bags by the regular rubbish. Easy prey for criminals of all sorts, such actions are dangerous and cripple consumer confidence.

By outsourcing confidential paper shredding, the materials are destroyed and recycled in the most professional and secure way. To provide even greater assurance too, many of the larger providers also shred and pack on site, using mobile units.

In many industries, from banks and hospitals, to employment and training providers, there is a great need for and legal requirement for confidentiality and privacy protection today. As such, it is imperative that a systematic approach be taken to the file management of personal data, with secure destruction being a major part of this.

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