Reports of the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York being festooned by secure document confetti have been well documented. However, the mistake by Nassau County Police Department, has thrown a spotlight on the importance of securely disposing of confidential waste.

Indeed, back in America, the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) urged businesses to outsource their shredding. Whilst confidential papers have not been used to celebrate national events here, UK businesses and organisations too could learn from the error.

Today, there are increasing concerns of data and identity theft. More than this though, any organisation that handles personal data has to take its disposal very seriously. It is a matter of trust. Through using a professional document shredding provider, more than simply shredded paper is the result.

Quite apart from disposing of the shredded documents in the regular waste, a professional provider will ensure all materials are suitably recycled. This ensures that even the most sophisticated of technologies cannot access information contained within the material.

Whilst effectively eliminating the possibility of data theft, there are many other benefits too.

Using an office shredding machine may initially seem a practical option. However, with large volumes of materials, the time taken and the electricity used is costly. Outsourcing offers greater cost-effectiveness.

Whatever the size of a company, it is important that it treats its customers and patients, employees and partners and visitors with respect. Disposing of important papers properly is a a key part of this, whether they are credit slips, medical records, personnel files, bid documents or photographs.

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