Taking transport training and getting a licence that allows you to drive HGVs may not only be a great way to open up numerous doors in the UK, but also a great way to open up opportunities to move abroad. Not only will those with an HGV licence be able to take roles that allow them to travel all over Europe from a base in the UK, but such a skill can often be used by those looking to move abroad as a way to be more attractive during the immigration process.

Canada, for instance, is crying out for commercial transport drivers and therefore those with such a skill will have a very easy way to emigrate across the pond. And Canada is not the only one, with many countries counting those who can drive commercial vehicles as skilled workers.

As in the majority of countries, younger individuals are preferred to older ones, and therefore, for those who wish to have the option to move abroad, going on driver training courses as early as possible may help even further with getting the right response from any country that you apply for residency in.

No matter why you might wish to move abroad, getting trained up to drive HGVs may well be the cheapest and easiest way to have a genuine skill that many countries are after. Many people can gain such a licence within just 6-8 weeks, meaning that those who want to move sooner rather than later have a quick way to get their foot in any country’s door.

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