As with learning to drive a car, there is no specific timeline as to how long commercial transport training will take. Those learning to drive for the first time and wanting to be able to drive such a vehicle could take months or even years to pass all the relevant tests whilst those with a certain amount of previous experience could well be out on the road within just a few short weeks.

A good rule of thumb is around six to eight weeks from the start of the process to having the correct licence in your hand. For most this will involve C1 entitlement, three theory tests and two practical tests, with the theory tests taking place before one heads out on the road.

The tests are not easy, but then not only is such driver training about ensuring you are safe to be on the road but also that you are competent enough to be driving HGVs as part of a job.

Therefore, natural aptitude will also effect how quickly it takes an individual to complete such training. The perfect candidate will have good road sense, a great deal of common sense and will be passionate about learning, and those that possess all three ingredients are likely to be the ones that pass the quickest.

Ultimately, until one tries it, it is hard to say exactly how long it will take to get a HGV licence, but so long as you are committed and passionate, it should only take between 6 – 8 weeks.

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