Caravans were once the scourge of the road, a hated sight that slowed down traffic and blocked out any ability to see the road ahead. With certain celebrities jumping on the bandwagon of this hatred for caravans, it seemed that the days of towing your own holiday home around with you were numbered.

Big in the eighties and nineties, caravanning fell out of favor as low cost airlines made it easier than ever to fly off to the sun for next to nothing. However, today, more and more people are going back to caravanning, and the resurgence has meant that a caravan holiday is likely to now be more popular than ever.

However, very few people now keep their caravan at home and instead find sited static caravans for sale on dedicated caravan sites and travel freely to a destination they know is very beautiful and perfect for them, without the hassle of storing or towing their caravan there.

But why has caravanning become so popular again? Well, despite the unpredictable weather we have in this country, there are still many wonderful locations that people are happy to visit time and time again, and with budgets being strained more and more by economic problems and with people having a more hectic lifestyle all the time (and in turn wanting more regular breaks), finding sited static caravans for sale is now very appealing.

Far cheaper than holiday homes abroad and easy to get to any time you just need to get away from it all, they are the perfect home away from home in places that are almost certainly more beautiful than just another beach.

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