We all want to do the best we can for our pets, and being able to provide quality nutrition will be a key part of that. But, it’s important to have a basic understanding of their nutritional needs to ensure you’re doing the best you can, and when it comes to dogs there are a few things you’ll need to bear in mind…

• Make sure he’s eating a balanced diet complete with all the vitamins and minerals necessary—choosing a food that’s labelled as “complete” will be a quick and simple way to achieve that.
• Each breed and even size of animal will have different requirements, so ideally choose a pet food accordingly.
• Their nutritional needs are vastly different from our own—for example, they’ll need the proper balance of calcium and phosphorous to keep a healthy metabolism, a high level of taurine for proper heart and eye health and plenty of essential fatty acids for a healthy, shiny coat.
• Whilst feeding raw meat is often seen in the likes of Hollywood films and cartoons, this should never be done—without cooking it’ll contain bacteria that can be just as harmful to animals as it is humans.
• You can tell you’re giving your pet the right food if he’s got lots of energy, a glossy coat, a generally fit appearance, a healthy appetite and proper digestive functioning.
• Remember that his needs will change depending on age and any medical conditions, so make sure to change his food accordingly (always discuss the options with your vet).

These are just a few points you need to bear in mind, and if you make sure you’re getting the right food to suit your animal’s nutritional needs you can keep him as happy and healthy as possible.

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