Deciding to bring a kitten into your home and life is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. You need to consider whether you have the time and money to properly care for a kitten. Kittens need vaccinations before they can be let out of the house for the first time. Consult your vet about the vaccinations and boosters your kitten will need. It is important to keep kittens inside the house until they have had all of the required immunizations. Qualified vets will be able to advise you when it is safe to let your new kitten out of the house for the first time.

Cats need a lot of care and affection. Whilst cats may not need to be taken out on daily walks like dogs they still need exercise and a healthy diet. Kittens need specific kitten pet food to aid growth and ensure they develop a healthy digestive system early on. As kittens grow their nutrition needs change and it is vital to keep them on the correct diet and type of kitten food for their age. Age specific kitten food ensures your kitten gets all the nutrients it needs to grow and develop a healthy immune system. Cat food is generally grouped into kitten, adult cat, mature cat and senior cat.

Bringing a new kitten home for the first time requires some planning and organisation on your part. The home must be ‘kitten-proof’ and a safe kitten environment. A new kitten requires a few essential cat accessories such as a litter tray, scratching post, collar and identity tag with contact details and a few cat toys to keep them entertained.

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