Yoga retreats can represent a great opportunity for people to relax, unwind and boost their mental and physical well-being. One woman who recently packed her yoga clothing for a break like this was Anna Murphy.

Writing about her experiences in the Daily Telegraph, she revealed that she headed to Turkey’s Dalaman mountains to check out a retreat located high above sea level. The journalist revealed she was nervous about spending seven nights in a yurt during the blistering heat of a Turkish summer. However, when she arrived she realized her accommodation was fully furnished and picturesque.

Each day, she donned her yoga or Pilates clothing for two exercise sessions, each lasting for around two-and-a-half to three hours.

Her teacher was Simon Low, who practices what’s known as yin and yang yoga. The dynamic ‘yang’ element takes place in the morning and is designed to awaken the body, loosen the joints and get energy flowing. In contrast, the ‘yin’ element takes place in the early evening and involves a series of long-held postures.

Commenting on the yoga styles, Ms Murphy said: “Neither practices are showy or macho: there are no handstands or flashy arm balances here.”She added: “As I was quickly reminded during our first morning, this doesn’t mean that Simon’s yoga is not physically demanding, but that its challenges sneak up on you from behind. It is a kind of stealth yoga, deceptive in its ease, but powerful in its impact.”

The yoga retreats are available between April and October, with up to 28 people on each course.

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