Along with many other countries, the UK seems to have gone yoga crazy and as well as donning their yoga clothes to take part in more traditional forms of the activity, consumers are now increasingly getting stuck into new versions.

For example, the Daily Mail recently reported that Canadian personal trainer Sara Shears has brought her own fitness activity incorporating elements of yoga with her to Britain.She calls the discipline ‘happiness training’ and says the name stands for You’ve Got It. In a bid to motivate people, she remarked: “There are 1,440 minutes in every day. If you use 30 of them for physical activity, the other 1,410 feel better.”

As well as investing in yoga wear, participants need to have an “oddly cuddly piece of kit that looks like a giant pink stress ball”, the publication noted. However, they don’t require shoes as the activity is conducted barefoot.Classes consist of 30 positions, each held for a minute. They involve throwing, pushing, holding, catching or balancing. Despite being short, the sessions are said to burn up to 500 calories and they work many of the body’s muscles.

Instructor Sarah Cowell remarked: “We want people to work hard, but it’s more about having fun and working at your own pace. You can take ten-second breaks and alternate between the different weighted balls.”Another unusual form of yoga sees classes take place in very warm rooms. Fans of this discipline say it allows them to stretch more and push themselves further.

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