Children often love the idea of getting dogs as pets. These creatures can make great companions and they have plenty of energy for playing. Particularly at this time of year kids can really turn up the pressure on their parents to get animals like this for the home.

However, before mums and dads give in and source pets like this for their youngsters, it’s important they think through all the practicalities. Taking on a dog is a big responsibility and it’s crucial that families are able to provide all the attention and care required.

Being There

One of the most basic things to bear in mind when it comes to dog care is the importance of being around. These animals are very sociable in nature and they need plenty of company. As a general rule, they shouldn’t routinely be left on their own for more than four hours a day. If they are left by themselves, they can become stressed and bored. As well as being bad for their well-being, this can also cause the creatures to scratch and chew furniture, doors and walls.

Meanwhile, dogs cannot be left while owners go away on holiday. It is vital that people arrange suitable care in their absence. In some cases, they may be able to rely on neighbours, friends or family members. However, it may be necessary for them to pay for special kennels.

When people leave their pets to head off on a trip, they must make sure those looking after the animals have all the relevant information, such as how much food and exercise they need and whether or not they take medication. In addition, it’s wise for owners to provide vets’ contact details in case of emergencies.

Creating The Right Environment

It’s also necessary for families to make sure their homes are ready for the arrival of their new dogs or puppies. For example, the creatures need to have their own dog beds where they can rest undisturbed.

Furthermore, any poisonous or hazardous items in the home or garden should be kept out of reach. Dogs are curious animals and they can easily get into trouble if their owners aren’t vigilant.


Another issue that mums and dads must bear in mind before they agree to take on a dog is how much money they will need to look after it. Every year, many dogs around the world are handed into charities or simply dumped because their owners can’t afford to maintain their upkeep.

It therefore makes sense for parents to draw up a budget and see if they are able to cover the expenses they will face.

As well as factoring in food, toys, leads and so on, it’s also worthwhile considering medical insurance. After all, the costs associated with canine healthcare can be high these days and it may only be through insurance that people are able to make sure their pets have access to the right treatments. Having to deny dogs medical care because of a lack of money can be heartbreaking for those involved.

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